Thursday, February 25, 2010


I've read a lot of blogs, and it always makes me wonder what to write about. I've seen some that are about day to day life things, food blogs, mommy blogs, and...weight loss blogs. So while I don't have a weight loss blog all on its own, I DO want to share about my success for this week! I joined Weight Watchers a week ago, and had heard great things about it. I've tried other ways of losing weight in the past but always felt deprived or dissatisfied. But with WW I haven't! And today was our first weigh-in. So........I just wanted to share that I lost 6.6 lbs this a healthy, doable way! :) Here's a star for me, like the sticker they put in my little WW Book!

I don't know if I will keep a scheduled update on this topic or not. But...I just wanted to celebrate! It feels so good to know I can do it! Even if it is just the first week! :)
I challenge you to find something YOU want to do, and go for it!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

They let me play!

Today I got to play in P.E. Class! (Life is all about appreciating the little things, huh?)

This morning our children were all scheduled to see a dental presentation that we have annually at our school. The Smart Board in the library wasn't working, so the nurse asked if they could borrow my room to use the SB. Of course that was fine with me!

So.....while the other kids were in my room for the morning, I took the classes who would've had music to the gym and combined with the P.E. teacher. Who knew I would get talked into playing? Who knew I would even get the special job of being the "medic?" (A Dodgeball type game...) The kids were all excited to have me on their team and even let me have the "special job" until I got out in the first minute! haha Oh well...I'll just add this to my list of a bajillion and ten reasons I teach music. (And not P.E.!)

There hasn't been a lot going on lately...February seems so long and mundane. Mundane - that's a word that just sounds sad when you say it anyway. But it's true. I think this is my least favorite teaching month. In January everything is new and exciting again, and in March, spring is coming, fourth quarter begins, and you can see summer vacation in sight. But February...just is. Only one week left though! I feel like it's a milestone, just making it through the month!

I'd love to post pictures and some stories from Mexico soon. I just wish I could make them look nice and organized like super-bloggy people do! Maybe one day I'll be a "super-bloggy" gal too. I had a blog on Xanga through college and love to go back and read it...but I'm still working on this one.

Oh - for those of you who might be wondering after my last post - I still never answered my little guy, but I did get a few more notes.
Number 3 said, "Dead you dress up to go on a date?" and Number 4 said, "Can you go home with me?" :) Never a dull moment.
I also got the most precious hand-made white doily and red heart Valentine from him last week. Of course I displayed it proudly in my classroom!

My 300 kiddos make me like my job. Just a little. Ok, sometimes just a lot.