Sunday, July 24, 2011

Aaaaah! I have missed blogging so much! And reading everyone's blogs. But summer has been AMAZING and so worth not quite having the time to keep up, although I'm looking forward to reading the ones I've missed soon. computer has been a little...not so well lately! But today it is working perfectly for some reason (for which I am thankful!) So if it continues, I may try to write a REAL post later this evening! Happy Sunday, everyone! :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Still Here!

Hey everyone! I'm still here...just having a super busy (and amazing!) summer! I am enjoying Ridgecrest Conference Center SO much, and the Lord truly blessed me by providing the opportunity to work here this summer! The mountains are beautiful, the other summer staffers are so much fun - new friensdhips! and I am really enjoying the 3s/4s in the preschool groups I'm working with during each conference!

This past week we did not have a conference, so I took a few days off instead of working in another area and traveled to D.C. to visit some wonderful friends from college. It was so great to catch up, and amazing to see our nation's capitol for the first time! (I hope I spelled the right version of capitol! lol)

God is so good, and I really can't wait to write in more detail about all that has been going on. However, my personal computer started having issues last week, and the next two weeks finishing out the summer here will be really busy, so I probably won't get to post again until I am home. Just know I'm thinking about all of you who I know read my blog, and also looking forward to catching up on your blogs as I have time! I should be back in Missouri in about 2.5 weeks and am looking forward to some new things going on there too - the main one being that I will have a room mate, and we'll be moving into our apartment August 4th! :)

I guess that's all for now - have a joyful summer, and remember to be still and trust in the One who has great plans for each of us! I am learning so much more about Him each day...

Blessings to you!