Saturday, June 16, 2012

So Many Things...

Now that it's been so long since I've really written, it's hard to decide where to start!

-I turned 27...and it feels great! (Although not too much different than 26, to be

-I drove to Birmingham and had an awesome girls' reunion weekend with three of my amazing friends from college. (More pictures and a post to come soon!)

-I started work at summer school. I'm working as a para, which means I help one of our students with special needs one-one-one. I love it, but wow do I have an even more amazing respect for special ed teachers and paras now! They work hard and have to have so much patience! :)

-I've been running a lot! I'm so glad I thought to keep a running log on my computer when I started in March, and now I found a website that is really cool -, where I can track my work-outs and see bar graphs of how far I've run and when my best times far in June I'm up to 24 miles! (More to come about all this too!)

-I decided to keep my summer tradition of watching all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls through the summer (I own them...the only t.v. series I've ever bought and owned, and this is my third time to go through all the seasons...haha - oh guilty pleasures)

-My sister is getting married on August 4th, and I'm her maid of honor! We picked out and bought her dress on my birthday, and I have my maid of honor dress now too! :) Now to plan a shower and girls' night! :)

-I finished both of my masters classes from the semester and made As! I'm taking the summer off and looking forward to my two new courses in the fall! It is exciting to wonder about how God is going to use this certification/degree in the future!

-I am making the choice to try hard and incorporate more fruits and veggies in my day, make better choices when I eat away from home, and not eat out as much for financial savings and healthier far it's going ok! :)

-I got my first "for real" pair of running shoes a few weeks ago! (Pictures soon!) :)

-My "Africa heart" has been homesick again...but it was filled up last night when I got to meet an awesome couple from Colorado who also have hearts for Africa and an amazing story - More about that soon too, but here's a link to see more about them and their story. Also, they are in a contest right now for the rest of the month to win $50,000 toward help for their organization. If you have a facebook account, please take a minute and vote for them - it doesn't take long at all!

-God is providing a lot of unique and different opportunities for me in work, life, and church. It is so humbling to think about all He is allowing me to do and exciting to trust Him in how he is going to piece all these things together one day.

-I'm learning day by day to be content with where I'm at, and continue looking forward to the future God has for me. I'm not sure I can say I am where I always thought I would be at 27...but then I'm also not sure I had a "set" idea of where I would be.

More to come soon! Thanks for keeping up with me!

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