Monday, October 8, 2012

My heart is heavy right now. God is really showing me my need to put myself aside and run toward Him. He is showing me the need to drop my selfish desires and find fulfillment through my hope and joy from salvation in Christ. These words were on my heart from a song tonight.

We dare not trust in our own hand, or all would be in vein. Our confidence is in the One, who holds the worlds in place. He fights for us, the Sovereign Lord of Hosts. From age to age, the triumph's His alone. Hope in God, oh my soul. He is strong, and is strong to save. Hope in God, He's a rock and a hiding place - He's a mighty fortress. -Sovereign Grace Music


  1. I love you, and I love reading your blog and being able to keep up with you through it. I nominated you for a blog award in hopes of encouraging you and making sure you know how dear you are to me!

  2. Thank you, Lizzie! You are such an encouragement to me as well! I wish I could sit down and have a big long conversation with you sometime again! :) I love reading your posts and have prayed for you so often as you lived overseas and served God there, and now as you start your new journey in life with a spouse God has placed there and serve together. Love you lots, friend, and am thankful for you!