Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just keep packing, just keep packing, just keep packing....

Those are the words on my mind right now. And I desparately DON'T want to think about them. Which is why I'm here, typing this instead.

I'd like to share with you all about my fun weekend in Branson with the "adopted fam" and how I celebrated my birthday the whole time and made great memories. And I'd love to show you some pictures from the trip. I will. But probably tomorrow and not tonight.

Tonight I'm going back and forth from the little closet bathroom under my stairs while the tornado sirens go off to the couch in the living room where I feel semi-safe until the storms start again. There is lots of lightning right now, but the wind, thunder, and rain seem to have passed over. Oh, and I'm totally using my neighbor's wireless internet and my computer battery to be online for a few minutes. That's how things roll sometimes when avoiding lightning strikes + modem and power chord + new computer. Thank you to my neighbor, whoever you are!

I had to make an unexpected doctor's visit today. Pink eye. Yuck. I only remember having this one other time in my life, as a child. It's only in one eye, but it's not so fun. Hopefully it will clear up fast! Washing the hands lots, avoiding touching the eye area, and not "sharing" it with anyone else!!

One week from today I'll be finished packing the apartment, and I'll be packing for my second trip of the summer....a visit to my sister and her in-laws in Kansas! Woo-hooooo! Fun (and hopefully inexpensive) times are definitely in-store! Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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