Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Last Name Starts With 'W'...and I'm So Thankful!

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To say I had one favorite professor or staff member would be far from correct, and I'm sure many other Ouachita grads from over the years each face the same dilemma in trying to decide! When I saw the topic for today, though, a name came to mind right away. 

Ms. Diane Orsburn in the Financial Aid office. Diane is one of the first people I remember meeting at OBU. She handles student financial aid and loans....and assists families with last names starting with K-Z. During my first visit, I knew in my heart Ouachita was where I was going to go to college. What was I thinking, though?! It was a whole state away, and I had never even lived away from home in the same state for more than a week or two. And while it was a small, private, Christian university, that also came with a lot of dollar signs! 

From the moment Diane invited my parents and me into her office, she assured us if OBU was where God brought me, there would be a way for me to get there and stay!  Over the next five years she fulfilled her role in helping with financial aid, but she also provided so much more. All the smiles, encouraging words, genuine hugs, and concern were more than I could have ever asked for or expected from someone in an office at a university. I think that was one of the greatest things about OBU - we were more than just numbers and faces - so many people wholeheartedly cared about us as individuals. Diane knew my family, and she knew that once in awhile, I just needed a "mama's hug." She also knew my parents needed that assurance that their "baby" was going to be ok a whole state away...lol...

So, I have to say, I've never been so thankful to have a last name starting with letter "W." God knew all of the many people who would teach, influence, encourage, and shape me throughout my five years there, and Diane was one of many! Thank you to Diane, all of my wonderful professors, and to the staff! You were and are still a blessing to me! :)

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