Friday, August 10, 2012

The Queen State

I totally wrote this post almost a month ago...and I definitely intended to post it from the airport, but alas, time got the best of me, and somehow it went into the drafts folder. I've been horrible about posting this summer...and now it's time to catch up! :) So - here's a post about an awesome opportunity I had in July -

I don't think I've ever blogged from an airport before! I just wanted to give a big hello from the Charlotte, NC Airport (and thank them for the free wifi access that a lot of places don't have these days!)

So - you might be wondering just what I'm doing in the Queen State...

Let me tell you - my drum girl heart is FULL and overflowing right now! I'll share a few pictures that might explain.

For the past week, I've been in Charlotte, North Carolina participating in training for the World Music Drumming curriculum. It has been a dream of mine for so long, yet something I never thought would happen. I couldn't do it financially on my own, so the flyer just went in the trash year after year. Then this year, another teacher who will be moving to the new sixth grade center in the new school year found a way to make it happen. Through some special grant funding, the district supported us and sent us all the way to North Carolina for a week together! I've had some of the drums (I wrote a grant to get them!) and the curriculum book for two years now. And I got to see Will Schmid, the amazing music educator who first created and implemented the curriculum at our MMEA conference two years it was a dream come true to spend a whole week learning how to use and implement the resources I have...and to be ready to take that back to my kids! 

So - as you can see from the pictures, my drum girl heart is full...and my teacher heart is ready to engage my students in some fun and awesome learning experiences in the new year! What a blessing to go and spend time learning with other amazing colleagues and educators! I'll never forget it! :)

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