Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well friends, tomorrow is the day. I will start my third year of teaching. Yes, third. Time has gone so quickly! I'm excited for a new year and will post more "after" pictures of my classroom when I can...hopefully this weekend. I'll be commuting this year, so I will have to plan my time carefully!

As I said yesterday, I feel so assured that God has given me this position, and I have a purpose there this year. Already, this week, and especially today, the patience and flexibility of our administrators, teachers, staff, and parents have been tested as our numbers continue to grow, and new teachers are being added, even up to the day when school begins. But...God is good, and He will give us strength to make it through the year, no matter what it brings. I pray that I will be a mirror reflection of His joy and peace, and continue to rely on Him for strength each day.

Blessings to you in whatever life has for you right now, whether it be teaching, learning, sending your children to school, working, taking care of a home and family, or something else...remember that God has a  purpose for you, and His desire is for you to draw near to Him and grow in His will each day!

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  1. We will be tied in teaching experience after this year, you know. Public schools, anyway. And unless I get my butt in gear and resumes hopping, you will be my senior teacher mentor!

    And you will be a really good teacher mentor, Alicia, because you are so thoughtful, purposeful in your role, and interested in being the best you can be.

    (PS - From the tone of your last notes, it sounds like you have conquered the fears of teaching like back to school night anxiety, nightmares, and etc. Have you? Is that possible? I want to know! You have trusted God with your career much more than I have, so I am really curious. I guess you are already a mentor to me!)