Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I felt like I should be on the show Cupcake Wars, where they whip together super fabulous cupcakes with super odd ingredients super fast! lol Only our ingredients weren't super odd, they were super delicious, and it was teamwork and the blessing of borrowing a big facility that made it somewhat super fast!


LOTS of ingredients...for cupcake batter and icing! 

Mmmmm...I have to say it WAS a little tempting not to sneak a taste with all the cupcake goodness everywhere! haha 
This was the first batch of Strawberry flavored cupcakes!

Lots of good conversation, teamwork, and fun while we worked and waited...

Who could resist the cookies 'n cream goodness made from all these Oreos?! 
Another delicious flavor choice!

Working hard! Look at all of those cupcakes!

Icing time!

Coffee flavored goodness...and more teamwork! 

I got the sprinkling job...too much fun! I was glad because I wasn't brave enough to do the "icing" part!

First few batches iced and ready to pack! :)

And what would the work be without a taste test?

I think they were a success!

So...why all the cupcakes? Well...over the past few months, I have had the blessing of reconnecting with some wonderful girls I knew in high school. And sharing the heart God has given us for taking His love to the world...from our hometown! These cupcakes were a part of a month-long fundraiser for the organization Sixty Feet inspired by some amazing kiddos here in our own nation! You can click on the first link to learn more about the precious children in Uganda who are being cared for and taken out of imprisonment conditions to see and experience the love and freedom of Christ. The second link tells the story of some amazing kids who decided to make a difference...and haven't stopped since! What an inspiration and an encouragement to see how we can all be used by God no matter what our age or where we live, even through something as fun as cupcake making! :) The cupcake funds went to help Sixty Feet, and by the end, there were over 90 dozen ordered! I was only able to help with the first few dozen, but what a blessing that was to me! I am thankful for the chance to reconnect and serve with new friends. Head on over here to read about how our cupcake project began! Thanks, Ashley, for sharing your heart and faith with me and many others!  


  1. Awesome Alicia! I'm so glad that you were able to come. My life has been blessed so much by having you in it in the last few months! :0) I can't wait to see God grow our friendship and see where He takes us on our life journeys!

  2. Thanks, Ashley! I have a few more pictures too...I'll try to get them to you somehow if you'd like them! Maybe I can put them on a CD and send them to you? There might be too many for an e-mail. :)

  3. My sister would be so proud of ya'll! She served in Uganda for a few years and fell in love with the people and the country. She would be happy to know you were helping out. I think it's wonderful that it was in such a fun/yummy way.