Monday, April 11, 2011


I think I've officially declared Mondays my "Me-Day"...or at least my "Me-Evening." I love the fact that I don't have any meetings after work, I can leave when I want to, I stop to exercise on my way home, then make the commute to my hometown and get there around 6:15 instead of 8:30-9:00 like most evenings.

I've also started doing things for myself on Mondays...
-Zumba class at Curves - super fun, though I'm super Baptist, and it shows! haha
-Reading a book - my plans are finished for the school week, so I have time to read for enjoyment!
-Walks - now that it is lighter longer, I can even go for a walk when I get home!
-Phone dates with friends - it's so good to catch up!'s just nice to have time. Commuting this year has made time a hard thing to manage, but on Monday nights, I have enough time to really enjoy it!

So, while the work-day can be hectic on Monday, I love the evening time! I love the "me" time I don't always get on other nights of the week. I like that I am finally understanding it's ok to do some things that I want to do...just for me. And I love that I am totally going to bed at 10:30 instead of 11:30 tonight!

Good Night, and Happy Monday! :)

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