Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An In Between Post...

I'm looking forward to summer so very much, will mean time off to really enjoy things like blogging again. Right now I feel fortunate if I get one post in a week. I'm still reading all the blogs I follow, even commenting...but even though I sometimes have ideas to write about - I can't seem to find the time and energy during the week. So - don't give up! I'll be back on the weekend, and I'll be in full swing this summer! I love writing, not that I claim to write anything super spectacular, will be so fun to enjoy it more often!

Here are a few little things until Saturday...

-First Grade program tomorrow evening! I have to admit I've been a little overwhelmed by having 101 kids this year and putting four classes together at one time successfully with full attention span - but...I am still proud of my kids and excited, because no matter what - they are first graders, and they will be excited too! :)

-WW Weigh-in Day today...-3lbs this week! (A surprise, actually...but a very nice one! lol...Total of -26.2 since Feb. 2010!)

-Short road trip to NW Arkansas last Saturday. Exploring options. Praying for the chance to have an option. Thanking the Lord for new found confidence and a positive experience. (More on all of this later.)

-34.5 days left in my third year of teaching. Third year...that is crazy. Super crazy.

-My kids were really engaged on was the first time almost all year I have truly felt like I was teaching them something they are "supposed" to know for our benchmarks...and they were getting it. It was a good feeling!

-It has almost been one year since my whirlwind of changes began and God started really showing me what it means to trust and wait. Also one year since I made a brave and bold choice that I am still really proud of and thankful for.

Ok, so that was a longer list than I expected, but now I'm looking forward to writing more and reflecting on all God has been doing. Have a blessed and joyful week, friends...I'll be back soon! :)

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