Monday, March 28, 2011

Just a little Weight Watchers Side Note...

I joined Weight Watchers a little over a year ago, and it has been one of the most worthwhile things I've ever invested in...mostly because I'm investing in myself. I have tried other "diets" before and have lost very little, then gained it back as many people do. However, with WW, though I did slowly gain a few pounds back, I've been able to lose and maintain my 20lbs for a year! This is such an exciting thing for me! No, I haven't kept track of my points all fact, I kind of fell off the wagon in the Fall, but...I got back on last month, and I'm working toward a goal again. My life is not revolving around weight loss or anything like that, as far as being obsessed with it, but I just feel healthy. I am making life choices that will help in the long run and not just during a "diet" time. I really like the choices I'm making, and while I'm still working toward a goal - I feel comfortable with where I'm at. Plus, I still get to enjoy indulging in some of those crazy cravings I have, just like everyone else! haha So...with all that said - I just want to share that today I had my monthly weigh and measure at Curves, where I work out, and I lost 2 1/4 inches this month, and am now at exactly -25lbs loss since I joined WW last February! :) 

Don't really know if you can tell in these pictures, but I decided to find a before, middle, and now from my computer pictures...I guess it's kind of cool to look back! 

Before WW - December 2009 - Mission Trip in Mexico

April 2010 - 2 months after WW

March 2011 - One year after joining...


  1. Congratulations! You've got stick-to-it-ive-ness!

    Is that last photo for a passport???

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  3. WW is a great program! I lost about 15 lbs over several months. It's so easy to follow! My husband lost 60 lbs in the same span of time (men lose SO easily!).