Monday, March 7, 2011

Sometimes I think I should be a teacher.

Like when I stick post-its on my kids and make them guess what note they have, then line up in order to show they understand note values.

Or when I borrow hula hoops from the P.E. teacher and make each one be a "beat" then have fifth graders squeeze into them to show different rhythms.

Like when I get to know every student in the whole school (even though I still don't know all the names this year), and I get to talk to them when I see them get off the bus in the mornings or go to the bus in the afternoons. (Bus duty is actually one of my favorite times of the day!)

I think I should teach when I have kids lay on the floor and make "human letters" out of their bodies to go on the floor staff.

Like when I break it down to the "Cool Head and Shoulders" with my kindergarten kiddos.

Or when I play the Cup Game as a fun way to reinforce rhythm and beat.

And then I remember...I am! And I'm different than a lot of teachers. I don't believe in the days of having my kids sit through the whole class and only sing songs from a book. I don't usually give them paper and pencil tests. We do sing out of books, and we do use paper and pencils...but we also learn through moving, creating, experiencing, and yes...even playing. Every day is not easy, that's for sure. And some of my kids are more challenging to teach than others. Not everyone enjoys music. But on the days I leave school having had fun...I know I am supposed to teach!


  1. You are a fabulous teacher...and I wish my kids could have you!! I think you could hold conferences for other teachers, or create curriculum for home schooling parents......ever thought about it?!

  2. Thanks, Ashley! Most days I don't think I'm very good at all. I feel like the kids are bored, or I'm not very clear at getting my message across, or I'm not teaching all that I should be. I wish I could watch other teachers and soak up the ways they teach. It's hard. But I guess God doesn't always use teachers to be the best at teaching kids everything they need to know about a subject. At the end of the day, I just pray I've been an example of Christ, someone the kids know loves them SO much, and a teacher they remember for caring about them. Then I hope I help them make some kind of connection to music, even if it's just getting to do something different than they would in their regular classroom like being up and moving around! I think it might be fun to share with other teachers or work on curriculum. Maybe one day! :) God had been using other people to encourage me lately, and I'm thankful for your words of encouragement today...sometimes I just have to remind myself that He created me to be just who I am, and He will help me be the best teacher I can!