Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's not a giant building with beautiful stained glass windows and a steeple on top.
It's not in the middle of town, and many people might not even know it exists.
In fact, the signs around town are small and humble, yet inviting all to come. doesn't happen on a Sunday.
Tonight, as I passed by on my way back into town from a trip, I saw cars pulling the horse auction barn. Nope, it wasn't a horse sale! It was Cowboy Church!

I feel like I need to say - this picture is definitely not mine! It's beautiful, but it came from Google Images! 

I'm no cowgirl, that's for sure! But sometimes I think about putting on my super $5.00 cowboy hat from  Target (which I bought for a Western-themed VBS last summer!) and joining these great people for worship. It makes me excited to see a ministry like this in my own hometown. A place where anyone can come to worship and hear truth preached from the Bible. A place where people of all ages gather in work clothes, overalls, farm gear, jeans, boots, hats, and all...for one! So - while I haven't had the privilege of meeting any of these people, I found myself praying for them as I drove by tonight...and my heart was so excited. What an amazing way for God to work - right here where I live! If you're ever here on a Thursday night, I hope you might just decide to pull on your boots, tip your hat, and join the Cowboy Church in worship and fellowship!

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