Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goin' to the Chapel and I....

Missed the wedding! (Yep, I had to borrow this picture, but isn't it so fun?!) They had the wedding at Thorn Crown Chapel in Eureka Springs - a building made of glass with a beautiful view of the Ozark Mountains. I've rushed to/been a minute late for many occasions in my life, but I don't think I've ever entirely missed one as important as a wedding. I was really bummed about it.

But - if you saw the mountains I drove through to get there...the signs I kept passing that said "Next 20 miles crooked and steep - drive carefully" and the fact that I made it there in 3 hrs and 50 minutes instead of the 3 hrs and 56 minutes Google Maps predicted...I guess it might be understandable. (By the way - I did not stop to take a picture of the road signs - no time! I think it is funny, though, when I googled the words, and this is the first picture that appeared...which happens to be from the same highway I was traveling on for over an hour of my trip in Arkansas!) Anyway, I wish I could say those factors are the reason I missed the wedding, but...the real reason was I, for some silly reason, left my invitation at home when I left to visit Arkansas for Spring Break and had the time 2:00 stuck in my mind. So - imagine my surprise when I called a friend who told me the time was actually 1:30...and my disappointment when I arrived at 1:47...whoops. But - I didn't miss the reception, and I have pictures to share!

This is one crazy group of friends...who are all a big blessing in my life! In 2009, Sharon, the beautiful bride in the front, started a Sunday School class for single adults in our church. I wrote a post about it here. One thing led to another, and before we knew it, we were somehow deemed as "Sharon's Singles." (And Looking! haha) 
Over the past year, our group has gone different directions, and it is rare that we are all together in one place at the same time! Actually we were even missing a few of our original group members at this occasion, but those of us who were there had an amazing time laughing, talking, catching up, and, uh....acting a LITTLE goofy! haha What a great time of fellowship, and a wonderful occasion to celebrate - Sharon's marriage to her friend Russ! So - even though I missed the wedding - I was so happy that I didn't miss out on the reception - we love you Sharon - congratulations and God's blessings to you, Russ, and Zac as you start your new life together!! 

Ok - let me explain - there is an "inside joke" with this one! :) 
Once in Sunday School as we were getting to know each other, for some reason I shared a story about a terrible (yet funny now!) experience from my childhood. I was at a friend's birthday party, and for some reason (I think someone dared me?) I put my hands IN the cake, SMEARED the icing, and ruined the whole thing. I'm talking - my mom was called, my hands were washed in the bathroom as I was crying and crying, and I was taken home from the party early...SO embarassing (for my mom, I'm sure! lol) So - after that, it became the joke that no one in the S.S. class would let me near their cake on a special occasion. Until Sharon's wedding...I promise I was just, uh...trying to taste the frosting! ;) LOL

I am thankful for these friends God has placed in my life - and the chance to get together again at the end of Spring Break. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time, and there's just not much better than fellowship and laughter with Christian friends! 


  1. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!? who's cake? where was I? this changes EVERYTHING about the way I feel about're totally bad! :)

  2. LOL...It was probably my "forgotten baby" syndrome. Because I needed some attention. And it was Kelsey Allerhallagan...LOL...Mrs. A. had to call Mom and she came to get me! Boy was I in T-R-O-UBLE!!!