Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sharon's Singles...(and looking!)

You just never know where God is going to take you.

One year ago...
Just moved here - close to home but on my own - looking for a church...

9 months ago...tired of church-hopping/visiting - wondering where to go - listening to God and giving my new church "another chance..." (The first time I said it was TOO big and I was NOT going back!) - This time I joined!

6 months ago...getting more involved in the church - was asked to lead preschool choir this year

But..."Lord," I said, "I still just want some friends. I have a caring church family and a nice adult Sunday School class, but (no offense) all these people are my parents' age."

3 months ago..."New singles class starting today at 11:00..." printed in the church bulletin - "But it's during the traditional service I like to go to, and I don't really want to go to the contemporary service..." - I went. And it was nice to meet some new people, but I still wasn't "sure" about it. It wasn't all people "my age." And besides, my home church isn't too far, I could still go there...

Tonight - Laughing my head off, eating junk food, playing games, "filtering" (don't ask...haha), getting to know more people, karaoke (if you could call it that!) - and thanking God that He knows what I need, even when I complain, only think inside my "box," and question Him!

"So," you might ask, "just what IS Sharon's Singles?" (And looking...) <----We added that part on the end of our sign at our last get-together! Well, you'll just have to join us at 11:00 on Sunday at Westside Baptist Church. But be prepared to laugh, be challenged, and meet people of all ages and backgrounds who will soon become new friends! You never know what will happen - from game nights, to Fall Festival costumes, to church visiting (with an unexpected late-evening trip to Steak and Shake), to Christmas parties....Oh, and Sharon is our wonderful and fearless leader who probably had no idea what she was getting into when God led her to start the group!

God always provides. He knows more than I ever will. And I am so thankful!

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