Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just for the Record...

I have lots of other things to blog about, and I'm really looking forward to having time over my Christmas break to write more! I won't lie...I'm counting down the days (week days) of teaching left until I can take a deep breath, relax a little, then get caught up on a lot of things...and that number is 7.5 days. This week I have my final exam for my first graduate course - due Tuesday by midnight, and my last program for the semester - second grade- on Thursday afternoon. I had my annual formal teaching evaluation last week, so that was a nice thing to check-off! I just feel like once I survive this week I will be able to see that "bright light" at the end of the tunnel! haha And in reality, I know the week will fly by.

BUT - the real reason for this post is "just for the record." Since I sometimes look back at my blogs and remember important (and not so important) things that happened...I would just like to state for the record I have my lesson plans written, my clothes laid out, my lunch made, and all the cleaning from my "to-do" list for today complete....BEFORE 10 p.m.! :) It has been WEEKS since this has been the case. I feel so prepared and ready to hit Monday running!

Now I'm going to enjoy some "just for me" reading before I go to sleep at an EARLY bedtime! I am so excited about this...sometimes it's the little

Have a blessed week!

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