Monday, December 5, 2011

Random Letter Monday...

Dear Monday - You weren't so bad this week. Still not my favorite day of the week, but don't take it personally! :)

Dear 5:00 every other Tuesday - I am thankful for the spot you have in my schedule every other week. It  makes my Tuesdays go faster.

Dear Graduate School - I'm almost finished with my first course ever! All I have left is my final! My first course is paid for, my forum postings are finished, my reading is complete, my quizzes are taken, and as of 12:01 a.m. this morning, my last paper is written and submitted. All I have left is the final exam! YEAH!!

Dear Budget - Speaking of graduate school and being paid for, I'm trying hard to pay as I go and not take out loans. I hate to tell you (and myself) but you're about to get really tight. The bill for my next two classes just came today. We can do this. I have faith in us. (And in the One who gave me the desire to do this and allowed me the opportunity to start classes! He is a Great Provider, you know!) Plus, our November electric bill just came - it wasn't very pretty...and it's not even really winter yet! But I know people with good budgets who stick to I just need to be one of them!

Dear Curve's Zumba Workout - Because of you I look forward to Monday evenings and survive the day most weeks! I might have grown up Baptist, and I may not be the most coordinated dancer, but I love the fun!

Dear Sing-Off - I love that NBC created and broadcasted you a few years ago and that this year you were a whole season long instead of a few short weeks. The a capella music is fun, and I think it's a great way to expose America to different styles of music in a unique way. I also love that your judges are encouraging and use constructive criticism instead of cutting everyone down. And....I'm excited that tonight is the Christmas Sing-Off episode! Can't wait for next year's season now! :)

Dear Winter - Please be nice this year - a little cold weather for the holiday spirit and a snow day or two in January or February would be ok, but other than that, I don't mind some temps in the 40s and 50s with low wind!

Dear Orange Juice - I would really like to drink a big glass full of you right now, but you're so cooooold!

Dear Christmas Cards - I would like to think I'm going to start writing you this week and typing/printing my Christmas letter. However, my printer isn't working, I can't find my complete list of addresses after moving this summer, and I'm just not sure I can deal with the idea of not procrastinating yet. may turn into "Happy January!" cards instead.

Dear Sleep - I am fully convinced that in 11.5 days, you and I will be seeing a LOT more of each other! Oh how I'm longing for that nice long break!

Dear You - You are the most random and silly person I know. But I love all the daily laughter that has become part of my life as a result. You're a fun friend.

Dear Cereal - I think it is perfectly acceptable to eat you for dinner. In fact, I think I'll do that in a few minutes!

Dear Black Friday Boots - You rock. I've only worn you twice so far, and for some reason I haven't been motivated to leave the comfy, frumpy clothes in the past few days to be a super stylin''s just so cold, and it's hard to get out of bed in the morning in time to dress up...don't worry, though - you'll get plenty of wear soon!

Dear Beatrice - You're almost at 130,000 miles. I just mailed your 33rd payment, and in only 15 months I will officially own you. 15 months is a long time, but we're over the half-way hump! I love road-trippin' together!

Dear World - I hope I'll be able to travel again in the next few years. There is so much of you to see!

Dear Card Making/Creativity - I really hope I'll make more time for you again one day. I miss making cards, surprising people with "real" mail, and creating other fun things.

Dear Santa - Is it too much to ask for you to make a little extra room in your sleigh and drop me off in Germany on your way back to the North Pole? I don't mind squeezing in, and I'll even bake some cookies...

Dear Fun Nail Polish - I want to believe I'm going to maintain your super color once I splash it on my fingernails. However, I have once again neglected the coat I painted on two weeks ago for Thanksgiving, and I have a feeling it will only continue to get worse as the days go on.

Dear Slug - It was NOT nice of you to creep onto our kitchen floor the other night. I'm not sure if you were making a reappearance after Emily saw you a couple of weeks ago, or if you are a friend of the other one who decided to visit, but you are just not welcome here. It is really not normal for people to have creatures such as yourself in the kitchen or the house for that matter! You are big and fat and slimy, and you belong outside where I threw you. I'm a kind hearted person, just can't come in. Yuck.

Dear Speech Tournament - It was fun judging the tournament on Saturday. Sometimes I think I'd like to help with our high school team here. In my spare time. Then I remember I don't know what spare time is. Oh well. Once a year is good enough for me!

Enough letters for now!

Sincerely, The Somewhat Super, Music Teachin', Friend Laughin', About to Be a Crazy Tight Budget Makin', Grad School Takin', Creative, Cereal Eatin, and Much Much More Individual.....Me!

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