Saturday, April 10, 2010

Simple Fridays and Fantastic Fun...

I love simple and plain days at school. Especially Fridays. That just makes things doubly better.
Days when we get to be outside in the beautiful weather. When the sun is shining and there is a slight breeze. When I get to play "throw the ball up and catch it before it bounces - if it bounces once that's good, if it bounces twice that's ok, if it bounces three times, that's NOT good, Miss Whitaker!" with some Kindergarten boys. The kind of day when I get to TRY to climb across the monkey bars and then laugh at my attempt with some remarkable third grade girls. (Only to fall down after making it from one to, I used to be SO good at that!)

I sang karaoke twice this week. On a stage at lunch time in front of all the third-fifth graders in our school. I have to admit, being goofy and feeling famous can be somewhat exhilarating! Tuesday's special was, "We Got the Beat" by the Go-Go Girls, complete with a boa, crazy hat, and sunglasses, accompanied by the art and reading teachers. Today's selections were, "Don't Speak," "Material Girl," and an encore performance by demand of "We Got the Beat." This time I sang with our fantastic autism teacher and one of her amazing paras. We were quite the trio. I'm pretty much rich and famous now. Well, famous at least. At Pick Elementary School. We'll have to keep working on the rich part. Ah, laughter is so good for the mind sometimes.

I love teaching. Simple Fridays can make all the difference. My kids are special and amazing. All 300-ish of them!

A few side notes to end my simple Friday...2 more lbs at Weight Watchers this week. The feeling of success is a good one. -14.2 total. I'm on my way! Also still waiting to receive part three of my Journeyman application. In His timing, the news will come. Also was invited to join the praise team at my church this week. I am so excited for this new opportunity to harmonize to my heart's content while worshiping and leading others to do the same! I'm going to the Women on Mission meeting at church tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting some new ladies in the church and seeing how this organization works at Westside.

What about you? If you sang karaoke in front of an audience, what song would you sing? What's your favorite thing to do on a Simple Friday?

Happy Simple Friday and Wonderful Weekend! :)

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