Tuesday, April 13, 2010

That "Not So Proud" Moment...

Well, in case I doubted it, I discovered today that I am human. And I needed a big attitude adjustment.

Today I had a "not so proud" teacher moment. I'll start by saying that it had been an ok day, not overly stressful, but just a "Monday." My head started hurting mid-day, and by the end of the day, it was throbbing. I don't think that is entirely what caused my unproud moment, but it certainly didn't help.

As I was standing in the bus room and supervising the 35 students who come there after school, many made the choice to run in, a couple decided to be goofy and tackle each other, and the volume level was out of control loud. So, I had to yell to get their attention. Which is normally ok, and once the talking stops, I can talk in a normal voice...but today the talking continued, the choices to act crazy, and not to follow directions continued, and so did my yelling. Loud. Angry. Yelling. Some students were surprised. I told a few who came to ask me questions to just "Sit down!" until things were under control. (I needed to get under control.) So...I know this is probably something that happens every day all over in lots of schools, but not something that I am particularly proud of. And not an effective way of setting an example for the kids either. Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day, and the Lord provides grace to us, even when we least deserve it. Thank goodness for the love that comes from kiddos even when we make mistakes. A little girl brought me this note just after all the yelling, while I was walking around. 

The same letter is written in my heart by the Lord, Himself. He loves me. No matter what. And I'm so thankful for that. 

Today the IMB called!! The man who left the message said he had my application in his hands and would love to visit about it. It was too late to call this afternoon b/c of the time zone difference, but I will chat with them tomorrow! Praying the Lord will lead me to the next step of this process! 

So glad tomorrow is a new day with a fresh start...

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