Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where Do I Start...?

My God is at work all around me. In SO many ways. And He is giving me a joy and a peace that I can't explain. And a chance to learn. And to grow. Sometimes growing is uncomfortable, but in the end it is all worth the experience.

So there are many perspectives I could take in showing you how God is stretching me. But right now, I'll just begin with how He is at work...

One month ago - God laid it on my heart to begin applying for the Journeyman program again. I had begun this process at the end of college, but realized it just wasn't His timing. Yes, I had the overwhelming passion and desire to go...but I needed to wait. Two years later I continued to wait, but realized that I had not been praying wholeheartedly about the time I was waiting for. And God made it clear that this was the time. I submitted the first two parts of the application and waited patiently for the third. After three weeks, the IMB called! And after visiting about a few things, they sent part three just over a week ago. There were some things on my heart that needed to be addressed honestly, but God gave me boldness to approach them, and I am now diving 100% into the final part of the application. I could be in training to serve overseas in one year. Wow. When I finish the application, it will be completely the work of the Lord, and not me. Timeline - application due in August, job conference (if invited) in February, job offer (Lord-willing) in March, training in Summer 2011, Overseas Fall 2011!! So - the Lord was clearly at work there. Then He showed me how He can take our security, put it in His hands, shake things up a bit....and begin the growth process.

Last week - Friday - I was visiting family and college friends in Arkansas when I received a phone call from my principal. The district would be voting on Monday to close our building at the end of the year. No one knew. Not even was a shock.

Monday - The board voted. One person abstained. Pick Elementary will close at the end of this year, after many years of service to the district as a wonderful building with a small and unique atmosphere. It was official.

Tuesday - We have ALL been promised jobs next year - no matter what. What a blessing. If you have watched the national news lately, you know just what a blessing that truly is. The HR director came to meet with all of the teachers. This took all day, and some of us had to wait until the next day. Waiting. God is teaching me to wait on Him so patiently.

Wednesday - My turn with the HR director. "Where are you going to be?..." the question of the week. Well, again, I get to wait. I am only music certified, and there are no music openings. Coincidence? I think not. The art and p.e. teachers happened to have other openings, but I am kind of left on my own. They are looking into possible situations, but I will probably not be teaching music next year. I shared about my background in ESL and Speech Path classes...and they might just lead to something next year.

I'm excited - how often do you get to "try something out" for a year? Did I mention how glad I am to have a job? How blessed I feel? Honestly. The Lord is so good. So - I wait. I will honestly probably not know until the end of the school year where I am going. I have been praying that I will be a light to others who are not calm in my building. That the peace God has given me will shine through, and others will see me as a person of joy. But not my joy. His joy. The perfect, inexplainable joy that comes from  a Savior who loves and provides for me.

God is working in other areas too. But - I continuously stand amazed in His presence and goodness, in awe of how He is working in my life. And His timing. I am certainly human. And I'm not saying that every day this week has been easy. Nor is waiting easy. But I have confidence that someone far greater than me is making plans. And I am SO excited to see what they are...

I'll keep you posted...

How is the Lord working in your life? I would love for you to share...

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