Monday, April 5, 2010

Today I made a big-girl-turning-my-kitchen-into-a-fun-place-to-be-making-exciting-new-things purchase...Or maybe just a 1950s June Cleaver one. Either way, I like the new additions to my kitchen. Those being a blender and a food processor. Looking forward to many new cooking adventures to come. Or at least a whole lotta smoothies, frozen coffee, and homemade salsa! Mmmmmmm...I even bought the $24 blender instead of the $13 one.

So - I've been trying to think about what to write. How to reflect all the feelings going through my head every day. And somehow I fail to put them into words. If I could put them into a few words though, they might be - Waiting. Peace. Contentment. Wholeness. Satisfaction. And God has blessed me with each of these.

Easter weekend was so meaningful to me. Don't get me wrong - it always has been. And each year has brought something special of its own. From being a child and going to the Easter Sunrise Service (well, at least once anyway), hiding (rotten) eggs (in my closet for a week or more...uh-huh - it's true...) when I was little, then spending the weekend with my special adopted family from church during college - they invited me to their home to stay. It was so special to be part of a "family" for that time. Then last year - being a part of the cantata at my new church - only not a "traditional" of the most amazing worship experiences I've ever been a part of with contemporary songs and truths, and actually leading others to join us in worship.

So, this year...I started the weekend off on Good Friday - focusing and reflecting on just HOW MUCH my Savior loved me. That He was willing to die...for ME. And Friday evening I attended a Casting Crowns concert in St. Louis. It was so powerful. I'm not one who usually critiques performances or shows or movie plots. I just enjoy them for what they are. And Friday night was not just a concert. It was a time of worship. Thousands of people uniting to sing and lift praises to our Savior. So many wonderful songs, and of course the new song "Until the Whole World Hears" continues to ring through my head each day. But one of the best examples of love between Christ and His body of believers was "At Your Feet." I just want to share it with you before I go. We all have different burdens, celebrations, needs, successes, failures, questions, dreams...and all He asks is that we lay them at His feet.

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