Sunday, February 27, 2011

My mom has been scanning and uploading old pictures recently. These make me smile. My cousin Myrenda and I are two years apart in age (I'm two years older), and we used to have the best adventures at our Granny and Grandad's house in the summer time. Playing in the woods, pulling the wagon, jump roping outside, looking in the "Frog Pond," working in the garden, picking blackberries, running, and playing outside until it was too dark to see. When Granny bought this swing, and Grandad hung it up for us on the big tree out front, many more hours were spent flying back and forth, spinning around, and taking turns pushing each other. All in our bare feet, of course! I also remember Grandad's cookie and candy jars, watching movies like "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" during our rest time on a quilt in the floor, sleeping with the windows open and the bugs chirping at night, and so much more! I miss those days, and treasure the memories! Now we have fun talking, spending time with Myrenda's own sweet baby girl who is now two years old, and laughing together. We even find ourselves opening a coloring book once in awhile just for old-time's sake! :) Cousins are a blessing!

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