Monday, June 13, 2011


LOL - I feel like the kid on Home Alone 2! If you haven't seen it, or the first one, he screams like that a lot.

I was going to write about something else...but I couldn't resist writing about what I am doing right now.
In April I volunteered to go to a three day ELL (English Language Learner) training in St. Louis. It was district-paid for, so that was even better! that is how I found myself here at a fancy hotel - walking into the lobby to check in, wearing jean shorts and flip flops...and feeling a little bit lost! I can only be thankful I knew how to walk through the revolving door...without falling on my face or something! I had to exchange my car keys for a temporary "10 minute parking chip" and then when I went back out I had to take a ticket to the parking area so I could get in the little gate. I am staying on the 8th floor, and it costs $12.95 per day to use the Internet if I am in my room....that is a lot of money to pay just to use the Internet in your pajamas. So - I dressed up (if you could call my school teaching clothes dressy...I think the atmosphere here is more "classy" ha) and came to the lobby to use free Internet. I think my school district will appreciate that budget-conscious choice! lol

Don't worry...I haven't jumped on the bed, done cannon balls in the swimming pool, or run up the room service bill. And I haven't been chased by any creepy guys with gold teeth! Yet. Haha. But I do still have two more nights for adventure! ;)

Here's to life in the big least for a couple of days! lol

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