Friday, June 3, 2011

Just Thinking...

I wonder where I thought I would be at 26...
I can think of some things I always assumed when I was younger.

I thought I would be finished with college (as a lawyer, nurse, secretary, teacher, doctor, speech pathologist, early childhood specialist, music teacher, and many no particular order - but it's funny to see how they changed over the years...)

I thought I would be married and possibly have children. I even assumed this all the way through high school. Getting married just seemed like something people did in college, so naturally I thought I would too. (I'm still waiting...)

I thought I would drive a fancy car (maybe a yellow Mustang convertible!)

I thought I would have lots of friends and spend lots of time socializing. (Different times have brought different friends, but God has been good to bless me with strong friendships throughout...)

I thought I would live near my family but travel anywhere I wanted to. (I do right now, and I have traveled a lot!)

I thought I would be a writer. (Well...I have a blog, when I actually take the time to write here! haha)

But did I know...

I would be a music teacher with my own classroom and love so many kids every day?

That I'd be an aunt...times ten (soon to be eleven?!) (These pictures only show five of my ten nieces and nephews...I'm missing pics of my Fabulous Five nieces!)

That I would travel the world, have a heart for missions, and fall in love with the most beautiful people and continent in the world?! (I'm not trying to be too bias...but I DO have a BIG place in my heart for Africa!!!)

I would be an Amazon alligator hunter and an adventurous drum girl? (I did not catch the gator in that picture by the way, but I did hold him, and he was alive! lol)

I would love serving others and have the opportunity to be a part of First Baptist Church Arkadelphia throughout college and help with their Arms Around Arkadelphia ministry even after I graduated?...

I would have some of the best friends I could ask for - some from elementary through high school, and some from college?...

I would carry my camera everywhere and love taking pictures of everything - especially the beauty of God's creation?

That I would one day be maid of honor for one of those lifelong high school friends I mentioned earlier? (And plan showers and do other fun maid of honor things for my first time ever!)  =)

There are so many more things I never could have imagined would be at 26...and so many things I did imagine and have yet to experience. One thing I am as sure of as ever is that I have a good and faithful God. And that He created me and has continued to shape me into the woman He wants me to be over 26 years. He continues to help me learn and grow every day. 

As my birthday came this year, I thought about how I was actually looking forward to being 26. There wasn't anything particularly exciting about that number, but I truly feel like I'm becoming an adult. I have been out of college for three years now, working and living on my own, and I'm really enjoying that. God gives us different seasons in our lives, and even though it's not always easy, and I long for other seasons that are yet to come, I love where I am at now. 26!

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