Saturday, June 18, 2011


I packed all my things (and extra things, and extra extra for camp and loaded up my car...
Then I said goodbye to my parents and our cat. And our house. And my neighborhood. And my hometown. Where we've lived since I was one year old (minus a year when we moved to another town in Missouri, but we came back!)
And it was weird. And kind of hard. But it was quick. It was like all the packing and sorting and hauling, and packing....just sort of ended abruptly, I gave my parents hugs, took a few pictures...and left.
My parents are moving to Germany while I'm gone. I'm excited for their new adventures...but a little sad to say goodbye to places and things I've known my whole life.
Not that I won't be back. I only live 45 minutes away and still have friends there.'s just not the same.

On a more fun and positive note - I drove through four states in 6.5 hours today - Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee. It was pretty exciting. I'm on an adventure. God is at work all around me in my life - things are changing, growing pains are hurting...and I'm right where I'm supposed to be. That's what I thought about as I drove today. And I thought about how adventurous I really doesn't make me nervous to drive by myself to far away places. I actually kind of enjoy it!

Tomorrow I'll make the most beautiful part of the drive! 5.5 hours through the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and into the Appalachian (I hope that's the right name) range of North Carolina! :) I'll meet new friends who I get to spend the next six weeks with...and start training for my summer job. I'm so excited!

I may not have Internet access all the time - so the posts might be limited...but I'll be back when I can! :) Happy Summer to everyone!

P.S....If you want to send me some mail (hint hint!) you can write:
My Name (I feel weird putting my first and last name out on my blog, but most of you know me!) =)
Summer Staff
P.O. Box 128
Ridgecrest, NC

I'll even write back...because who doesn't love getting snail mail, these days?!

I'll try to post pictures from my big trip soon too! :)

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