Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Goal...

One New Year's Goal...

Be rested. It is hard commuting to work this year - I will be truthful and say there is nothing "fun" about waking up at 5 a.m. every day. But...I will say it is a little less difficult when I have enough rest. (Insert lightbulb here...what an idea! ha) This is no new phenomenon, but something I'm not the best at. I am sometimes (ok a lot of times) a procrastinator and though I hate to admit it - sometimes a time waster. So I have set a time I want to be in be in bed each night, and I've also started reading before I sleep...hey, this being rested thing isn't so bad after all. This does not mean I'm not still counting the days left until Saturday each morning when my alarm goes off, though! After all, the poor clock is so overworked this year, it deserves at least one day, off, right?!

I'm learning more and more that it takes extra effort, consistency, and willingness to continue to succeed at important things, big and small! And how being rested not only affects my day at work, but also my spiritual growth, my attitude, and my physical state.


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