Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yesterday I went wedding dress shopping with one of my best friends I grew up with! We became friends in junior high, and it's been almost thirteen years crazy! We even kept in touch through college in two different states, a semester on different continents, and then, when I started teaching after I graduated, God put us both back in the same place again! It was pretty fun just getting to sit back and watch! Usually I'm indecisive, so I was surprised I actually had an opinion about most of the dresses. Some were just more....up there than the others! The consultant was so helpful and kept it to a "top three" for her. And......since I can't post any pictures until after June, you'll just have to trust me when I say she picked THE one! :) It was so so so so beautiful! Next up...bridesmaid dress shopping. I get to be the maid of honor! Here's a fun picture of us together from her brother's college graduation this Spring...interestingly though, you can probably see it was FUH-REEEEZING that day, even though it was May! Happy wedding planning, Brandy! :)

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