Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I started 2011 with a fun and crazy day with family. My mom's side of the family came over to celebrate Christmas, and there were lots of laughs! When everyone is there, we have 20 just with my parents, brothers, sisters, and their families. Then, with my grandparents, aunts, uncle, cousins, and cousin's child, we have 28! Yesterday we were missing my sister-in-law who works weekends as a nurse, and my sister and her family, who live in Texas, making the grand total 23!! are our very most serious pictures of the day! Don't laugh too hard! I hope I won't see any of them copied and pasted onto! haha

Family resemblance? Naaahhhh!

Laura decided to go for the Steve Urkel look with her new pajamas! The polka dots kind of cover it up, but if you look closely, they are pulled up....wayyyy high! 

Granny, Carolyn, and Aunt Patti...wait a minute - how come they look so normal? This is not an accurate family photo...haha

 Grandad decided he wanted a "circle" picture of all the great grandkids - I didn't get one with all the great grand-kids, but here is the first one with my brother's five girls. 

 I did, however, wind up in the "grandkid" photo! haha How come the in-laws didn't have to be in it? Kenny and Kristin had a good time watching all of this going on, and yes, laughing just a little!
Clockwise: Carolyn (cousin in purple stripes), Mark (brother), Bryan (brother), Myrenda (cousin), Me, Carrie (sister)

 Laura and Lane...looks like big sister is thinking about something...mischievous, maybe? Nah!

Present opening time! - Lots of "organized chaos!" :) My cousin Austin's face kind of says it all!

 Finally got Grandad in a picture - he's usually behind the camera! 
Grandad, Kenny (Myrenda's husband), Dad, and Myrenda (cousin)

 Granny and her presents...I guess she was on Santa's good list this year! haha

I told you we only take serious photos in our family, so I thought I'd end with a few year's Christmas card photos? 

 The shower caps were an inside joke! You had to be there. But I do love our whisk and spatula though...again, my sister and I are never crazy when we are together. We always maintain the most serious and proper composure. 

I've been thinking about some of my goals for the year and might post about those eventually, but for now, it's time to get ready for the real world again...tomorrow morning is quickly coming!

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