Monday, January 17, 2011

Randomness from a Monday Make-Up Day...

We had to go to school today and make up a snow-day, but oh wasn't so bad. (Other than the getting up at 5 a.m. and leaving at 6 a.m. again part...only four more days 'til I get to sleep in again! ha)

"So bahy, bah, Miss 'Merkin pah, drove my Chev to the lev, but the lever was dry..." If you knew the little boy who came to Kindergarten music class today singing that song, you would know just how funny and random it really was! (And the interesting spelling was an attempt to help you hear the Southern drawl/mumbled/slurred sounds he made with each word! =) I just had to smile and say, "I know that song too." Then he told me it's called, "Bye, Bye Pie."

"Zumba, Zumba...switch!" I exercise at Curves each week, and I really enjoy it, but recently they started something SO fun. Zumba class! It's fun because it combines the regular work-out circuit with Zumba dancing....or.....uhhh, whatever you want to call the "movements" I make when I try to dance! lol Normally at Curves you go around a machine circuit two times, doing each machine for 30 seconds with a recovery board in between where you move to keep your heart rate up. With Zumba, you go around only one time, doing each machine for a whole minute and doing Zumba in between. The "switch" part tells us the minute is up and we need to go to a machine or start doing Zumba. The Zumba instructor comes twice a week, and I love it! Anyway, it's been really fun trying something different! (Just don't tell anyone! I AM Baptist after all...haha)

I got out! Oh man! I lost at my own game I was playing with the fifth graders today. They enjoyed that a little bit! :)

My kids made it through an Orff arrangement including singing, playing three different mallet instrument parts, and playing a temple block part. It was fun!

I got my flight confirmation for the interview conference! I leave in 37 days! (Yep, I'm counting!) I'm SO excited! :)

Happy Monday, everyone!

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