Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Julie and Julia...

I'd like to start by letting you know, no kitchen utensils were harmed in the making of this blog.
And that I will NOT be starting a cooking blog OR starring in a movie anytime soon...however, if I did star in a food movie or write a food blog - it might be best titled, "Alicia at a Loss..." haha :)

Thankfully my "adopted" mom from church in college gifted me with a box of "simple" recipes when I moved to my first apartment, and this Saturday was the perfect day for some Taco Soup. 

You can't go wrong with your basic, "open and dump" recipe, right?

Adding the taco seasoning to the meat...

Pour it together, stir...

And, Ta-dah! The finished product!
(I accidentally put a little too much cheese for the picture, but luckily, I love cheese!)

So, it's not that I don't enjoy cooking...I think I just avoid the effort all together sometimes. Plus, when it's just me, it can take forever to eat things (yes, you can freeze them, but still...), or the risk that if something tastes awful, there is no one else to suffer through eating it with you! haha It could also be that I suffer with "youngest child" syndrome, characterized by the ability to make macaroni-anything, tuna fish sandwiches, frozen pizzas, t.v. dinners, toast, and anything else that can go in a microwave! Oh well! I think I'll enjoy experimenting in the kitchen more one day. For now, here's to many more simple recipes, and the protection of innocent kitchen utensils all around the world...

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  1. Green bean casserole! You can make that! :) And cookies with olive oil. Which I had to do once recently too, and it was great. :)