Saturday, November 20, 2010

Judge Judy, a "Boot," and Patriotic Music...

What do all these things have in common?

No, I wasn't on the Judge Judy show. I didn't break a foot. And it wasn't the Fourth of July, so the only logical answer must be...

My career! haha And this week it has certainly been amusing to say the least!

Tuesday evening my fourth graders presented their program, "Sing, America Sing!" and I couldn't have been more proud of them! They were so excited, and did such a wonderful job performing! I love it when I have fun while they are having fun! :) We had about 53 of 84 students in attendance, which is actually not bad for an evening program, and about 100 people in the audience, I think. Honor is our character word of the month for November, and we chose to honor military men and women who are serving our country daily and those veterans who have served in the past. They performed a song called, "Proud of our Veterans," and there were a few tears in the audience. I really enjoyed that song! What I did not enjoy, however, was waking up every morning with the song, "Fifty Nifty United States" running through my head non-stop. Maybe it will go away now, but even if it does, it will quickly be replaced by "crazy carols" coming in our third grade December program. Oh the joys of teaching music! One program down and six more to go for the year! (Aaaaaah!)

Wednesday I watched a short cartoon from United Streaming with my students about the composer Beethoveen. We talked about what a composer's role is/was in music. We discussed how some of the songs we would hear on the movie would be familiar to us, and how even though Beethoveen is no longer living, his music is still with us. Fast forward to the post-movie discussion...we talked about some of the songs we heard that were familiar and again about how some of the music is still with us when all of a sudden one second grade boy shouts out, " on Judge Judy! "Dun, dun, dun, dunnnnnnn...." :) I was confused for a moment until he explained that they play that little part of Beethoveen's music when they bring the criminals onto Judge Judy. I had to give him credit for making an application to every day life, right?! Haha I am constantly amazed (and sometimes amused, haha!) by the thoughts and comments of my students!

Thursday I attended a workshop at a university near my hometown. I've been to several other workshops on this campus both this year and last, and will confess I've gotten various parking tickets for being in different lots, but they all said "If you are a visitor, do not pay this ticket..." or something like that, so I threw them away and went on my merry way. This time I actually got a spot in the visitor lot behind the building and though, "Great! Today I'm legal! Today I won't get a ticket!" Imagine my dismay when I came out and found not one, but TWO tickets on my windshield - one with a regular print-out, and another on a bright orange card stating that my vehical had been IMMOBILIZED! haha This is where being a teacher gets exciting. I mean, who else could be a teacher AND a criminal? Thursday I got to be BOTH. (But, shhhhhh! Don't tell! haha) What I failed to realize is that, even when you don't have to pay the tickets, you still have to turn them into the workshop people, so they can have them voided - and so you can AVOID having an outstanding

Lesson Learned in Teaching This Week #1,000,001 - Vocabulary: "booted"- the act of preventing a teacher's car from any further movement. Sentence: "My car was "booted" when I failed to realize you are supposed to TURN IN (but not pay) the tickets you receive at a university when attending trainings to avoid an outstanding record." Oh the things I am constantly learning as a teacher - It's exciting being a criminal!

I really wanted to take a picture of the "boot" and the officer removing the "boot," to document my whole criminal life, but, well...I just didn't know how that would go over, and I didn't want to be locked away in the S&T jail or anything, so...these are the few pictures I got. But - the sticker is still on my car - you have to use Windex to dissolve it, and I haven't had time. Thank goodness it's Saturday! I guess I'd better go get rid of the last of the evidence from my adventures as a criminal! haha

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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