Monday, November 15, 2010


I. am. so. tired.
Life has been a little crazy the past few days and will be throughout the rest of the semester at school.
Tomorrow is our first program of the year. I'm really excited and so proud of the fourth graders for all their hard work!
I will write more when I have time/energy.

For now, since it's the 15th day of the month, I want to share 15 things I'm thankful for!
1. Salvation through Christ
2. Family (and my many "adopted" families!)
3. Friends
4. Laughter...especially big, belly laughs, and laughing 'til I cry!
5. Music
6. My job, even through the challenges this year
7. Coffee (and pumpkin spice - soon to be peppermint mocha creamer!)
8. Ability to read
9. Internationals - I miss having a close group of international friends!
10. Sleeping in/naps!
11. Beautiful leaves
12. My camera and the time to take pictures of all kinds of things
13. Exercise - time to do it, a healthy body, and the energy it brings
14. Hot water - (and water in general - we are so fortunate!)
15. The sound system at school - Today I found all the parts (after moving buildings, giving one system away, getting it back, and having it placed sparacitcally in pieces throughout two closets, I was so glad to find all the parts and correct wires, get them together the right way, and....hear the music and microphones working!! I prayed to God as I put it all together that it would work, and He helped me through, and it really was a blessing!)

Happy November! Be thankful!

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