Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Adventures and Minor Mishaps of this Single Gal...

I just killed...the most enormous spider....ever. It was even hard to reach! But I leaned over the stair railing, used the broom to sweep it down...then proceeded to "sweep" every step it might have fallen on, until I found it. Then I used my oh so dependable shower flip flop from camp living this summer - and smacked him! I'm sorry to any arachnid lovers out there. (I might have also screamed like a girl and made gagging noises as I smacked him, picked what was left of him up, and flushed the toilet...)

On Saturday my room mate and I were trying to vaccum when we realized our vaccums weren't picking much up. I brightly remembered a wise woman who once showed me all the filters in the vaccum cleaner and thought - we can totally do this. We took our vaccums apart, pulled out the filters, dumped them, washed, them, and basically showed them who's boss! (We are total domestic heroes...LOL)

I totally looked under the hood of my car last week...just to be sure everything was ok. (Like I would know how to see if it wasn't.) But I did it. Yep.

I absolutely lifted the speakers for our school sound system last week and helped the custodian move them. I also hooked up all the sound equipment. (Check out THESE guns! haha)

Dear Future Husband: I keep finding things to add to my list of qualifications for someone I will marry. The latest include spider killing, vaccum fixing, car investigating, and heavy lifting...you better come fast before I add anymore! lol :)

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