Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eleven for Eleven

I was going to post this on the eleventh, but that's ok! :) It can just be for the eleventh month. So - in honor of 11-11-11, here are eleven things you might not know about me!

1. I LOVE to play percussion! You might think I'm too quiet to do that, but I beg to differ. How else do you think quiet people like me get to yell? I came up with this quote in college, "It's like yelling...only on the drums!" :) I became a percussionist in sixth grade and have loved it ever since! I play concert percussion, world percussion, and was in drumline for ten years, playing snare, bass, tenors, and pit (side ensemble)! Timpani, djembe, and marching bass drum are my favorites! :)

2. When I was little, I wanted to be a secretary SO much! I loved to write, organize, and do other things. I still do! Now I just get to mix those qualities and desires with teaching! I still LOVE to write, and I have since I was little - handwriting and actual writing like this. I don't claim to be "good" at it, but I just enjoy it as an outlet and a hobby. Blogging, grant writing, and writing letters/encouraging notes to others are a few of my favorites!

3. I weighed 11 lbs 2 oz when I was born! And I was a week early! I was also almost 22 inches long! It was not too surprising though, because my brother and sister were each around 9 and 10 I just had to out-do them and win the prize as "the heaviest!" haha My cousins on my mom's side were very close to this too. I need to add "low birth weight record in family" to my list of qualifications I'm looking for in the man I marry, I guess! lol

4. When I turn up the volume on the radio in the car, t.v., etc. I leave it on even numbers or multiples of five. Weird, huh?

5. In Jr. High I joined the Cross Country team after never having run in my whole life. I was pretty slow. I walked...a lot. But for some reason I joined when another friend did, and we were fortunate to have a great coach who just encouraged me to keep going and to set goals. By high school I was running on my own a lot, and though I still wasn't super "fast," I really enjoyed the distance running and could finish all the 5K races without walking at all and in around 30 minutes!

6. I began my personal walk with Jesus when I was six years old. At Vacation Bible School, I decided it was time to give my life to Him, and I made a public profession and was baptized. I have been so blessed to grow up in a Christian home and have always had a church family where I can learn and grow. I haven't always "understood" what it means to be a growing Christian. I believe in high school and college was when I truly started building that close relationship and truly trusting God with control over my life. I still struggle with letting go and giving up control a lot, but God has been teaching me some amazing things over the past few years, and I know He will continue! :)

7. Blue is my favorite color. I like almost any shade!

8. I still have a baby tooth. Yep...pretty fitting since I'm the baby in our family, I guess!

9. I make my bed every day. I believe this can partially be blamed on (or credited to) Ms. Janie, mother in the family I stayed with during many summers in college. It was a rule in their house that your bed must be made every morning before you do anything else! But - I also started doing this a lot on my own in college...I think because our dorm rooms were so small I felt like if my bed wasn't made, I'd lose things when I threw them on it, or studied there.

10. I really love to take pictures. Of almost anything. Outdoors - clouds, leaves, nature, flowers, people, Indoors - people, buildings, parties....I can't even begin to name the many things I take pictures of - if it looks like "nothing" to someone else, I'm probably taking a picture of it because it has "character."

11. I am a music teacher! Check out my new webpage!

So maybe you already knew some of those things, and there are lots more I can share...but you'll just have to wait for my "Twelve for Twelve" in December! I think I'll do one each month to give me something else to blog about! :)


  1. I think more people do the even numbers or multiples of 5 than you know...Lincoln and I both do!!! :0)

  2. I just looked at your website and LOVE it!!! You did such a good job! I think your portrayed yourself and your life very well. Your "about me" is the best one I've read in a long time...want to write one about me? (ha ha) :0) I also like knowing what your benchmarks are...I'm going to ask my boys if they've started your 1st grade stuff yet! :0)

  3. Thanks! :) Good to know I'm not alone in the even-multiples of five world! haha I also love how our school district has a program called iWeb with our macs - it makes our websites look super fancy, but really making them is so quick - lots of dragging, clicking, and just typing! I love easy things like that!

    We've been working hard over the past couple of years to find and tweak the things we feel are most important each quarter/each year for the kids to know before moving onto the next grade level. We also just rewrote our curriculum last year, and that's what is posted in the link from the first paragraph. I'm sure ours are a little different than some districts, but they're taken from the state GLEs, so they should be pretty close to what each grade level should be able to do! :)

  4. I make my bed every single day. If I don't, it's all I can think about until I do. I didn't start until I was living in the dorms. It was my only semi-comfy piece of furniture, so it made sense to not have it look like garbage... plus, I wasn't the only one in the room. Who wants to look at someone's crumpled bed?

    You know you only chose drums for the boys ;) Especially boys in elevators.