Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another Quote From the Magical Music Carpet...

Or rather - from someone sitting on the "magical music carpet..." (Hey, I needed some kind of catchy title!) haha

Me - "Why aren't you joining the rest of the class at the Smart Board?"
Girl Child - "Well, Ms. W...I'm just feeling very delicate today."

You know, I feel pretty delicate some days too! ha (I told her we would be very careful since she was feeling so delicate, but that she still needed to join the class, and she quietly agreed.) :)

I love that I get to teach and care about all these "delicate" kids each day.

On another note - remember this blog? It happened to me AGAIN! lol Twice in one year - in almost one month, even! This time it was a sweet kindergartener who was very calm and cool about the whole thing. Thank goodness for vaseline! And a patient school nurse! I'll say it again - Mom was has definitely come back to get me. Should I be concerned now about all the other childhood mishaps and stories that will one day also "come back to get me?" lol

These are the stories and quotes that are going to make me millions when I write my book someday, right? :) I'll be sure to give you my autograph.

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