Friday, May 11, 2012

Little Celebrations...

Even with the busy week, the birthday celebrations have continued. Trying to have fun and enjoy something about every day!

Tuesday - Day #8 - Drove the long way home with the windows down, spring breeze blowing in and music turned up...ah, summer is just around the corner!

Wednesday - Day #9 - Took pictures of the clouds....they were so, so, so pretty, and the sky was so blue! (Wanted to include a pic here, but for some reason my camera is having trouble uploading the pics!) ***Got them to work today!***

Thursday - Day #10 - Frozen yogurt with my roomie to celebrate our end of the year programs and me finishing my graduate courses for the semester....Yes, I'm FINISHED!! Hooray!

Today - Day #11- Double Bonus! :) Friday pizza night in Rolla with my roomie and adopted fam, AND I bought some pretty nail polish today - just because! (Plus it was on sale buy one/get one 1/2 off, AND I finished my graduate courses, so I counted it as a birthday celebration and a little treat for making it through all the hard work this semester!)

Happy Weekend! I'm excited to finally have time to write for real again soon!

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