Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sweet Saturday...

I'm actually keeping up with the days this year! I know these haven't been the longest, deepest posts lately, but sometimes it's just good to look back and see how thankful I am for the little things! :)

Birthday Month Celebration #12 - Saturday morning with NO alarm clock and nowhere to be at any certain time. Ah, the joy of sleeping in! Then an afternoon in Rolla for a haircut, dinner and ice cream with a super friend, and...bright new socks, to wear when I'm running, and just for fun! (Sometimes having fun socks secretly motivates me more when I exercise! lol) It's been a blessed day! I also drove to Rolla and back the long way, windows rolled down, breeze blowing in, music turned up, and the sweet smell of honeysuckle and was so good!

Already enjoying the new socks! :) Also the quilt behind them makes me smile because it was my birthday gift from my mom and dad last year! 

Hope your Saturday was blessed and joyful too! I'm so looking forward to summer after the beautiful day today and the preview of sweet freedom from schedules, obligations, and other things. 

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