Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Five Minutes of Fame!

Today I had my very first "for real" field trip of my teaching career...and my very first big deal public performance! My fourth graders got to sing God Bless America at the Springfield Cardinals baseball game. It was a fun (and long and hot!) day, and they did a great job. (We found out when we got there we would be singing a capella, and why it had not dawned on me at any point in the last month to practice this way "just in case" I have no idea! But - I just said a quick prayer, counted to four, and....we sang! lol) Here's a picture - not my best side, but then, that's one of the joys you get when you're a music teacher - you always have to think about how the back of you looks instead of the front! haha

Birthday Month Day #2 - Today's birthday celebration was sharing "five minutes of fame" with my wonderful kiddos! They really are super stars in my eyes! :)

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