Monday, May 21, 2012

You are Beautiful...

This letter is one I am writing from my heart today. It is hard for me to believe four years of teaching have almost passed. Sometimes I don't know if I've made an impact on my students at all. I think they know I care deeply about them, but since they move so frequently with the military it is hard to know if they will remember me or not. I pray if they do remember me, above all what will stick out in their mind is how much I cared, how full of joy my heart is (even when it's hard to show sometimes!), and how much I respect each and every one of them.

Today one of my sixth graders I've had the privilege of teaching since she was in third grade shared a poem in class. For the last day of music for the year I let the kids share a talent or something else they wanted to with everyone. This precious girl wrote a poem that I wish I could copy and write here. She didn't want to share it herself, but wanted another student to read it, which I allowed. You have to know, this young lady is very plain, not "popular," has no fancy clothing, and struggles with ADD, but works so hard to overcome many of the challenges and hard things in her life. The poem talked about these things - about how she is plain but she means something too. She talked about how she may not be the same with nice clothes and lots of friends, but one day she would have that many too. She talked about what makes her unique and how she wanted others to know that she exists. I think she reminds me a lot of myself when I was that age. She is also the girl I wrote about here

I don't usually write notes to individual students because I don't want to make others seem less important, but I had teachers in elementary school who took time to write me a note, and I still have them and read them once in awhile. I plan to write a short letter to this wonderful girl before she moves on to middle school at the end of this week. The letter here is more to reflect my heart, but I want her to know some of these things as I write to her too...

Dear Child of God,

I wish you could see how beautiful you are. I wish you could know how much you have touched my heart in the four years I have been blessed to be your teacher. Your smile lights up my day, and your quiet heart is so deep with care and compassion for those around you.

I knew from the moment I became your teacher there was something special about you and your constant desire to succeed and try hard at all you do. I still remember the day we were celebrating the third grade Christmas program by making stars with student names on them and you brought me a beautiful picture of the manger scene, asking me to hang your star above it instead of putting your name on the wall, because after all, that is where the star belonged. Your simple heart for Jesus was a humble reminder to me that day about the One who loves us more than anyone in the world, and continues to remind me each time I see it. I kept your artwork, and I want you to know, I hang it proudly every year at Christmas time and it makes me think of you.

The poem you shared today was brave, bold, and true. Your ability to share your thoughts and heart through writing will help you to express yourself both now and in the future. I admire your ability to write about your feelings and share them so openly. God knows that heart of yours and He will use that ability if you continue to write. Your thoughts are so important.

Middle school is going to be a new adventure, and some days will be a challenge. I pray you will hang in there and see yourself as the beautiful person you are. You are so intelligent, kind, and unique, and God created you to be just the young lady you are. Sometimes it's hard to see the best things about ourselves when we look in the mirror. Sometimes the most beautiful things about us are deep inside, and few people are fortunate enough to see them unless we open up and share with others. I pray many others will see the amazing person you are both inside and out. You will always be loved, and especially by the very One who created you.

I am so thankful God allowed me to be your teacher, but more than that I will always be grateful He made YOU a teacher to me. Thank you for being a part of my music class for the past four years.

With Love and Joy, Miss W.

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