Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fun Things

Well, I said it would be a little hard to keep up with the birthday month celebrations, and I might miss a day or two...and I said sometimes I have to be "creative" in finding what will be the fun part of my day...but here's my update for the last few days!

Thursday - Day #3 -  Coffee and "me" time

Friday - Day #4 - (I was finishing a paper, staying up late, working all day, and slightly stressed out, but....) I stayed home, made a pizza, and finished my paper - turning in that paper - my biggest project of the semester worth 110 pts was a celebration in itself! ha

Saturday - Day #5 - I ran another 5K!! This time it was our school district's annual wellness event with a 2 mile walk/5K run. There were even hills, which I didn't know to expect...and I didn't walk! My time was 35:49, 15 seconds longer than my first 5K a few weeks ago, but for having so many hills this time, I felt good that I was so close to that time and still within my goal of no walking and staying under 36 minutes. Hooray! Here's a picture of our awesome Wood Elementary group - who happened to win the trophy for most participation (aka most awesomeness! lol)

Today, Sunday - Day #6 - Going to have dinner with one of my best friends in Rolla. We try to get together once a week. I love our talks and laughs, and am so glad God has put us close together again for the past few years!

Still so much on my mind to write about - I should probably start a list of ideas so I don't forget! Fourteen more days of teaching school for the year, and three more days of graduate coursework for the semester! (Taking the summer off, and I think I will enjoy the break!)

Happy Sunday to you!

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