Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Confessions of the Non-Committed...

So I've been thinking about commitment.

I'm a little bit lacking with this in some areas...
I have started three Bible study books in the last year at different times, with different groups. One I got 75% through (It was a great book, and I wanted to finish! But I just didn't...) One study ended after I had only read one or two weeks of the ten or more included. (Again an awesome book, but lack of commitment can get in the way...) And the last one is ending this Sunday...and I've only read one week's worth of the book. This is a problem to me. I feel like things are unfinished.
I have a book shelf in my room holding at least six books that are waiting to be finished....some are 90% through, some only 10%-ish...
I can't commit to traffic lights. When I'm getting close to one and moving with the flow of traffic and a yellow light comes up, I can't decide if I should commit to driving through, or stopping completely.
In my classroom I start to try something new for motivation or discipline, and...it usually fades within a few weeks.

Sometimes I do commit to things.
A certain brand of toothpaste for instance. Or a kind of deodorant. A breakfast food. A t.v. show. Placing the toilet paper in the way where you can pull the sheets from the top. (And you KNOW that's the right way! ha) I also like to think that I am very committed to the places I live and the people, friends, and church I have there. When I move somewhere I'm there 100%.

Well - I didn't write this to talk about being committed to toilet paper placement or deodorant. Although a commitment to hygiene is certainly more important to some than others, and I am thankful for the "some!" But let's look at a bigger picture. A much bigger one. I am committed to a God who loves and cares for me every day. Even when I don't seem so committed, He is right there. By my side, waiting for me to run back to Him. I am committed more than just the 10% of starting a book and then putting it on a shelf. Or the uncertainty of a yellow light.

I made the commitment to let God lead my life 19 years ago. Wow. That's a long time. And that's more than a small percent. I am thankful for a family who is committed to the Lord also and introduced me to Jesus and encouraged me to make that decision. See, we can feel unsure about the daily things we struggle with or the uncertainty of the future, or what to have for dinner tonight, but one thing IS certain. God is committed to loving us 100% even when we fail to be there with 100% of ourselves. And that is something worth finishing. Living each day, moving toward the prize that He has for us in Heaven. Living so that we can introduce Jesus to others, only to have Him introduce us in Heaven one day.

There are many ways to live out the commitment to Christ daily. I feel led to share this commitment through serving and encouraging others. I want to show people around me and around the world that I am committed to a God who is unfailing and worthy of praise. A God who loves and understands more than we will ever fathom. I want to share that with people overseas. So...I am committing to finish the application that will hopefully allow me to do that. And to pray through the process and rely on Him. Not on me. Because if I rely on me....I might never finish the race. I might stop in the middle of the intersection when the light turns red, have unhappy teeth, and never find the end of a book.

I pray that you have made the commitment to follow Christ and run for the prize in your life.

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. 
-Phil 3:14

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  1. I understand this. I have three unfinished workbooks and Bible studies. :(