Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Fever

It's Spring Break time!!

A friend from my college church posted pictures today of the beautiful flowers and spring weather in Arkansas, and another friend shared pictures of the beautiful outdoors from another community there. Oh how I miss the days of being in the South, bragging to my family in Missouri about how it was already warm and spring-like while it was still cold and drizzly here. (Wait, I would never...brag! Not me! haha) I suppose now, that is why it has come back to me, and here I am in Missouri, longing for the flowers to bloom and the smells and feel of Spring to be here. We got a little taste of that last week, and I was thankful, but oh how I'll be glad when Spring is here to stay.

I'm also missing friends and experiences and traditions from Spring on my college campus. Sunday afternoon picnics by the gazebo and river, laying on "grass-mats" while we studied in the plaza, taking pictures of flowers, the "smelly" trees lining campus, walking to Sonic, playing outside, and so much more! I'm glad friends are sharing pictures of those things right now so I can feel like I'm enjoying part of the Spring with them, even from far away.

Speaking of missing friends, there are many special friends I'm missing a lot.
The one I enjoy talking and laughing with the most.
The one who does the best "whale-talk" ever. (Think Finding Nemo!)
The one who shares a heart for missions that I have and has many more experiences than's always so good to talk and be encouraged through our conversations.
The ones who make it seem like I never left my church there, and I'm just supposed to be there on Sunday.
The ones who are still enduring the walls of Mabee Fine Arts Building and reaching toward their goal of teaching one day.
The one who shares many inside jokes and other things in common with me!

If you're reading this, which not many of my friends there do, one of these descriptions probably fits you, and I can't wait until my upcoming visit!

Happy Spring to everyone! Enjoy the renewal of God's beauty as nature comes back to life, and be sure to thank Him for each day, no matter what it brings!

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