Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things I'm looking forward to over Spring Break...

*Actually HAVING a full Spring Break this year!
*Reading a good book or two
*Organizing my "extra" room (again...uggh) and making my apartment more like "home"
*Sleeping in
*Springfield time at the end of the week
*Thinking about a lot...yet not thinking much at all
*Playing outside? (Please come soon, Spring weather!)
*Spades card party with friends
*Flea marketing in Springfield with my sister! (Yes, I just used "flea-marketing" as a verb!)
*Using my "extra" WW points for that week to eat Chinese food!
*Deciding what to do at the last minute
*A mini-road trip somewhere (close)...maybe Lake of the Ozarks?

I'm sure the list will grow as the last week goes by. I'm counting the days!


  1. I'm will organizing your spare room make it seem more like home??
    woot wooooooot for flea marketing! wooot woot for chinese food...springfield...ME....and thinking your deep thoughts. :)

  2. Well, actually - the two parts of that statement were intended to be separate. The "extra" room (that we don't speak of! ha) was cleaned and organized this summer, and I could see the floor, PLUS possibly fit a guest there comfortably on an air mattress...but now it is full again...of things Mom sent back from home, and things that belong to a certain brother-in-law, and.....things. Oh well. The "more like home" part implies that I hope to find some SWEET curtains or picture frames in the flea markets and hang them up...yep. And yes....WOOOOOT WOOOOOT HOOOOT HOOOOT for YOU and Springfield! :) And NO deep thoughts =P

  3. oh--you can bring the brother in law things when you come to springfield, if you think about it.... that will help lots, i'm sure. :)