Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Did you know...

1. I love the color blue.
2. I hate yellow lights. They make me nervous. I never know whether to speed up or stop, which usually results in me stopping in the middle of an intersection WITH a red light! Not good.
3. I have been alligator hunting on the Amazon River and once stood next to a couple of sleeping rhinos in an animal park tour in Africa. I know...I'm just so wild (Or crazy.)
4. I love writing encouraging notes and letters to friends.
5. I watch Biggest Loser. Yes, it's true. Really the only reality show I get into though.
6. I am the youngest child in my family (of five kids)
7. I like teaching music, but can't decide if it is what I want to do/am supposed to do for the rest of my life. It feels kind of temporary, and I can't pin-point why.
8. I taught ESL once a week for my last few years of college, and I loved it. I miss it. A lot!
9. I like cold pizza. (And pepperoni with pineapple is my favorite kind!)
10. I got married on the playground in first grade.
11. My thumbs look like toes. Resulting in much teasing and laughter from my next oldest sister. (It's ok, because I laugh too.)
12. Speaking of laughing, sometimes when I laugh, I start crying hysterically. Not like, the usual tears of laughter...like I switch and suddenly I can't stop crying. (Another joke for said next older sister and me!)
13. I own all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls.
14. I love my macbook. A lot.
15. I love serving others, especially overseas. I want to serve long-term doing mission work someday.
16. I usually feel like I am not good at what I'm doing and am afraid that people will find out I don't know what I'm doing, even if I really do.
17. I still have a baby tooth.
18. I won a trip to Europe through Kappa Delta Pi, an international organization for educators my last year of college. I wrote essays about where in the world I would go and how I would use that experience in my future classroom, and was one of twenty college students in the nation selected to go. I consider this one of the biggest accomplishments in my life.
19. I took French in high school and had a wonderful teacher my first year! I still remember the actions and songs Madame Fraga taught us to go with all the words.
20. I am a percussionist. I always will be. A true drum girl at heart. I miss drumline a lot!
21. I was born in Oklahoma City, moved to Missouri when I was one, and have only lived in three cities in Missouri and one in Arkansas (for college) in my life. Total of five cities.
22. In May I will be a quarter of a century old. Yep. 25.
23. I never made Ouachita Singers, the top, auditioned choir in college. This still kind of bothers me.
24. I make my bed everyday.
25. I have been on two blind dates in my life. I don't like them. I would rather just hang out with a good guy friend.


  1. re:#7, see #8 and #15. re: #16, 18, 23, and 25....you ROCK.
    I loathe you very much, dear seeeeeeestor. You are my Cherished One. And fret ye not about the blind dates and so on....one day you will have your OWN fellow marching band enthusiast to "celebrate" on Thanksgiving with.... ;)

  2. I just ate pepperoni with pineapple last night at Alex's! :0)