Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Phonetics, Sternoclydomastoids, and Job Security...?

When I think about Speech Pathology, I get excited.
Like...nerdy excited.
I took four of six classes needed for a minor in SLP in college, but didn't take the other two because one was during my student teaching semester, and one was the semester before. But since I knew I would lack the last class, I decided to audit a missions class instead. Which was one of the best classes I took at college and is another thing that makes me excited.
I like thinking how things are spelled phonetically in my mind when I hear words.
I like understanding (though I've forgotten a LOT) how the vocal anatomy works and naming off all the parts I remember. Sternoclydomastoid, for instance...
I like thinking about working in a school....or somewhere else. Like a hospital. Or a speech clinic. Or....anywhere really, because SLPs are in high demand.
Grad school, anyone? Maybe someday....I hope.

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