Wednesday, March 17, 2010

People Watching....

Sometimes I like to sit and take things in.

Like at a mall. Or an airport. Or a coffee shop.

And let me add, as a kind of default, that this is NOT some creepy-stalkeresque activity.

This morning I am with my aunt at a coffee shop in a St. Louis suburb, and while she visits with an employer, I am enjoying some time just sitting, listening, people watching, and taking everything in. I could have stayed in bed and slept in while she was out. Of course that would've meant passing up the chance for a frappe, which is something I don't often treat myself to. Please let me add that while typing this, I am sipping THE. BEST. CHOCOLATE-MINT. FRAPPE. EVER. Yes friends, ever. I could even go so far as to compare this beverage with Girl Scout Thin mints in a cup. Props to Kaldis Coffee, which I had not heard of until this trip. Mmmmmm....

That could be another post in itself...about my love of coffee and all things frappe! =)

Something about sitting in a coffee shop though, at a high-top table, by myself, makes me feel like a "real" blogger. Like the lady on Julie an Julia who was cooking while she blogged, or an important business person...or something. But rest assured friends, I'm not going to leave my ordinary life, take up obsessive cooking, wear 3 inch heels, or move to the city. At least not now!

So some observations from my people-watching -

*People in "business clothes" - trendy and walking in and out with a purpose. Confident.
*The morning jogger - running shorts and GREEN tennis shoes with a green shirt and a green jacket. Never mind the hot pink shorts (it's St. Patrick's Day, after all)
*The business-man - (separate from the people in "business clothes") - taking time to sit down and have business conversations - cell phones, brief cases, laptop computers, and coffee
*The Reader - leisurely, no cares for the day - sitting and sipping the coffee, while enjoying a morning read
*Quick, purposeful, liesurely, confident, tired, routine, calm, and interesting...

Even more interesting than the first impressions of how people look are the stories that I'm sure some of them have. It's also interesting to think about where the people come from, what they are doing, where they are going, what their stories are...

So if these are the first impressions I have of others, and only a hand full of people at a small coffee shop in a suburb...I can't imagine how we look to God. People spread out over the Earth, and no "first impressions" because He created us. HE. CREATED. US. Wow. Each one of us. He knit us together perfectly in our mothers' wombs and knows the very amount of hairs on our heads. He knows our ins and outs and ups and downs, our thoughts, our attitudes, our struggles, our strengths, and our triumphs. Wow. He knows more about what goes on inside of us than we could ever imagine.

"Men are never duly touched and impressed with a conviction of their insignificance, until they have contrasted themselves with the majesty of God." - R.C. Sproul (Crazy Love Book)

I wonder what people think of me when they are people watching...and I wonder if I reflect the God who made me when they look.


  1. please take up OBSESSIVE COOKING. it would be fun to watch! :)

  2. Ohhhh...well first you might need to get the fire department down the block to take up excessive rapid fire response skills....ha...(And talk them into hiring some young, handsome, single fire fighters!) :) Also, you need to move closer and be my taste-tester! Since you are my faithful commenter, you can also be my faithful guinea pig for cooking experiments! Also, I do like to wear pearls, and that is what Julie wore, so....I'm ready, right?

  3. no, YOU move closer. I'm the older sister, that's how it has to be. tththththtpppppttttttt!!