Monday, May 17, 2010

After Hours...

So this is what really happens at school after hours...

I have to say, I'm really going to miss working with these ladies. They have both been a fun part of my life in my first two years of teaching. As you can see - I cleaned out some "costume" items from my closets this afternoon when I started packing. Yes - I finally started packing. It's not quite as overwhelming as I expected it to feel, although I may feel differently when Friday comes. I'm the type who starts one thing but sees another, so in the middle of the first thing I go to do the second, then start another - and, get the point. It can be a vicious cycle sometimes! :) 

There has been lots on my mind lately to blog about - seems like I think about things during the day, come home ready to write, then lose my energy and motivation. I'll write more soon though. Today I just wanted to share a laugh. I hope my 'fro made you smile! I"m thinking about going for this as a permanent style, what do you think?! Be sure you leave me some advice and comments about pursuing this new do! 

P.S....getting a good laugh this afternoon was definitely my birthday celebration for the day! =D

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