Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today is Day 11 of the Birthday month. I didn't do much to celebrate - the walk I planned to take was accidentally overshadowed by the time spent after school working in my classroom preparing sub plans for the next day and a half, and trying to organize other things. I try to pretend that the fact I haven't even started packing my classroom doesn't bother me. In some ways it doesn't. But - I know next week it will all pour down. I will have to do some serious relying on the Lord, well-managed time, organizational skills, and prayer and encouragement from others. Also - we get to wear jeans every day for the rest of the year because of all the packing and dust - so a big HOOORAYYY for that!!

I will count staying home for the evening with a glass of chocolate milk as today's celebration.

I also saw the most beautiful clouds on my way home. The beautiful, puffy, silvery ones, with rays of sunshine bursting through them. I had to stop and take pictures again. Lately God has been enthralling me with the beauty of His creations. Things often overlooked and under-appreciated. I am so thankful for the works of His hands.

My Weight Watchers Update is that last week I officially reached -20lbs!! I still have some to go, but I am SO excited about how slowly and steadily this has been coming off since February, and really enjoying thinking about my healthy eating choices (MOST of the time! haha) and exercising regularly. The clothes are just starting to get loose!

I won a contest yesterday on Spirit FM! :) I called before school and actually managed to get through as the right caller! They were having a spelling bee in honor of last week being Teacher Appreciation Week, but did not have a winner the first two days they played, so it rolled over to Monday. I spelled hierarchy, occurrence, conscience, accommodate, and questionnaire. I felt so smart for the rest of the day! haha

Still waiting to hear about my job for next year. I have signed my contract and turned it in, so now...I wait. But I know that God has his hands over that situation too. And even though some days are harder than others, I hope that I have had an attitude of joy that reflects my peace in Him to others in my school. I am looking forward to what He has in store next year...

Thursday afternoon I am taking my last half day off from school. I have a meeting in the morning anyway, so I decided I might as well get a sub for the whole day and take the afternoon for myself. I don't have any plans. Which sounds wonderful to me! What to do, what to do....? Thinking about driving to Rolla and having lunch at Panera and sitting with a good book! I can't wait...

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