Sunday, May 9, 2010

I've gotten a little behind on the birthday celebrations! But it's ok...I've celebrated a lot of other things this week - like being a music teacher and loving 300 children each day, seeing many of them sing on stage, sharing the joy of music with others, and continuing to trust God in all that He is doing right now.

But - today's celebration is perfect! Today is like a "two-for-one" special! Because, to celebrate my birthday, I'm going to celebrate my MOM, because it's Mother's Day, and without her I wouldn't have a birthday! :)

Here are some reasons I love my "Mommy."

1. She chose to give me life. (All 11lbs 2 oz, 21.75 inches of me, for that matter, and I'm NOT exaggerating! haha) Not that it was a choice she wasn't going to make...but she valued and still does value the importance of the gift of life that God gives every infant from the time He begins knitting them in their mother's womb. Now that I am an adult, I see the beauty and the value of this gift as well, and hope that one day I will be able to have that gift in a child, myself. My mother has instilled in me a passion for helping and encouraging others to "choose life" as well whether it be supporting a crisis pregnancy center, supporting "pro-life" efforts, or simply taking a stand for what I believe through my thoughts, actions, choices, and words regarding this issue.

2. She encouraged me to be creative. From the time I was little, I can remember making "button necklaces," drawing silly pictures, playing "percussion" on pots and pans, using my imagination and exploring the many things a cardboard box could turn into...the list goes on.

3. She is a woman of God. She stands strong in Him, trusts Him for his provision, and seeks His will in the many things that she does. And she has instilled this trust into her children as well.

4. She is selfless. One of the most selfless people I know. My mother always seeks ways to help others. Maybe it is because she has such a great and courageous story that she wants to share what God has blessed her with in order to bless others. But...even when she has little in materials and finances to give...she does it anyway. I have watched this and experienced this, and I love you for this, Mom.

5. She takes care of me. Even now that I'm a grown-up. She has the "worrisome" mother syndrome that many mothers have, and always lets me know when something like a tornado is going to happen...even when she's across the world and a day ahead in the time-zone!

6. She read me stories and even made some up when I was little! "I'll Love You Forever," "The Bobsy Twins," and Beatrix Potter books about "Peter Cottontail" and his friends were among favorites when I was growing up!

7. She once called me at college (on a Saturday morning when I was sleeping in) and told me to check my e-mail immediately because she was sending me an urgent list of items to go and buy at matter what the cost. There was going to be a flood in Arkansas (this was right after Hurricane Katrina), and I needed to have some of the following things ready in my dorm room. (*Note - I am NOT exaggerating here either!) Rope, floaties, life jacket, flashlight(s), batteries, snacks, bottled drinks, blanket...I kept the e-mail and will show it to MY kids one day! I think I will post it in an upcoming blog, for your entertainment! :) It makes me laugh every time I read it, but I love it too. (See #5)

8. She is a fantastic (and creative) cook! :)

9. She is rockin' awesome!

10. She is beautiful inside and out and does not worry about "changing" herself to meet other people's standards. She is original, creative, and...herself!

11. She always encourages me to do my best. No matter what I'm doing. "You did good," is a signature quote.

12. She is the best mom I could ask for! I've had other "moms" to fill in for her while I've been away, but they will never compare to my one and only favorite mom in the world!! I love you!

And to make the double celebration even better...I think I'll go get a Limeade from Sonic Happy Hour much needed hair cut! Blessings to you today! I hope your Sunday is filled with the joy of our Lord and Savior!

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